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Webinar: Bringing the Life, Well Run Campaign to Your Community

Watch this webinar for an overview of the campaign. It offers:

  • updates on the campaign’s progress
  • examples of how communities are using the Life, Well Run resources
  • ideas on how you can use social media to bring the campaign to your community

This webinar will:

  • enable you to speak knowledgeably about the campaign
  • familiarize you with Life, Well Run resources available to all ICMA members
  • demonstrate how you can use campaign resources to raise awareness about the important work you and your staff do every day in your community
  • teach you how to use social media to create buzz about the campaign


  • Bob O’Neill, ICMA Executive Director
  • Catherine Smith, Life, Well Run Campaign Manager
  • Juniper Korkie, ICMA Director of Strategic Development and Digital Strategies

View the webinar.

How You Can Get Involved

There are many ways your community can get involved with the Life, Well Run campaign.

1. Put your community on the map!

The best way to tell the story of professional management and its value is to showcase successful projects in professionally-managed communities.

The map on the homepage of this site features short descriptions of projects professional managers have overseen to improve the lives of their constituents.

Help us flesh out the map by answering the question, “What have you done in your community that makes you most proud?”

Send your story to yourstory@LifeWellRun.org.

2. Run Life, Well Run ads in magazines where they will be seen by the campaign’s target audiences or air them on the radio.

Contact Catherine Smith (csmith@icma.org) for print, radio, and online ad templates you can customize for your community.

3. Show Life, Well Run videos on your local cable station.

You’ll find a number of high-quality LWR videos that highlight the value of professional local government management here. Contact Catherine Smith (csmith@icma.org) for files you can download or for a video template you can customize for your community.

4. Show your support for the campaign and help us expand our reach online and through social media.

5. Donate to the Life, Well Run campaign.

Support Life, Well Run’s national campaign and the future of professional local government management with your donation.

6. Take advantage of Life, Well Run resources:

For more information on how to get involved with the Life, Well Run campaign, contact Catherine Smith at 202-962-3632 or csmith@icma.org.

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